How to Fix an Acer 5532 Webcam?

How to Fix an Acer 5532 Webcam?

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  1. sam says:


    1. Open a Web browser on your Acer Aspire 5532.

    2. Copy and paste the following link to your browser’s address bar:

    3. Press Enter and your browser opens the Aspire 5532′s driver downloads page. This page displays six different camera drivers that are appropriate for different versions of the Aspire 5532.

    4. Click the “Download Hardware Vendor Detection Utility” to save the utility to disk.

    5. Run the downloaded utility and note the vendor that is listed next to the “Camera” entry.

    6. Return to the web browser and select your computer’s operating system from the drop down menu.

    7. Click the “Camera Driver” link that corresponds to your webcam vendor to download the installation file to your hard drive.

    8. Create a new folder on your hard drive, then run the downloaded ZIP file and copy the contents of the ZIP file to the new folder.

    9. Double-click the EXE file in the new folder to install updated device drivers for your Aspire’s webcam.

    10. Restart your computer. The web cam should work once the computer has rebooted.

    11. Delete the downloaded file and the temporary folder that you created to save space on your hard drive.

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